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¿Cold water or hot water?

This is a frequent question when we want to cook the seafood, like prawns, langoustine, snails, crab... 

Please remember that the fresh seafood, before cooking it, should be placed it in warm water for about 20 min, to avoid the legs fall while cooking

Normally the fresh seafood should be cooked with cold water when the water boils starts the timing.  The only exception are the barnacles, they should be added to boiling water.

The dead seafood muss be added to boiling water, when the water begging to boil again, starts the timing.

¿Defrost before cooking?

According to my experience is better NOT to defrost it. It is better to add the seafood to boiling water. It will need more time to begging again to boil, but the result will be better.

¿How much salt we have to add?

The normal quantity of water to salt  is more or less, 2 tablespoons of salt for 1 liter of water (each tablespoon is about 30 gr. of salt). Later if you like it more salty, is up to you to add more salt.

 ¿How should be the cooked seafood preserved?

Never place the cooked seafood, just cooked, warm in the fridge!. The seafood should cool down, then cover it with a wet cloth.

Eat the same day or the day after.

Cooking timing:

Small crab:  about. 7 minutes
Spider or king crab: about. 20 minutes
Brown crab: about. 20 minutes
Barnacle: some seconds
Snails (winkle): 1 minute
Prawns, shrimps: 2 minutes
King prawns: 4 minutes (for 30 pieces eachKg.)
Langoustine: 5 minutes


- The timing can change depending on the size. 
- The salt should be sea salt




Types of clams

In Spain we use different kinds of clams in the spanish kitchen. Here you have some pictures to recognize them. If you don't find for example baby clams, you also can use normal clams.

Chirlas = Baby Clams

Almejas = Clams

Berberechos = Cockle

Mejillones = Mussels

Navajas = Razor Clams

Ostras = Oyster

Vieira = Scallop

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